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Economic Indicators: Unemployment Data
Unemployment is one of the key economic indicators that describes the labour market conditions in a country. Most developed countries such as Australia use internationally agreed standard to define unemployment.
Posted on 26 Feb, 2016
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Economic Indicators: Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is an economic indicator which records the level of goods and services produced within any given nation’s economy. It is one of the most important economic indicators for a country, as it assists in recording the level of o
Posted on 24 Feb, 2016
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Economic Indicators: Balance of Payments (BOP)
The Balance of Payments is an economic indicator and the overall record of all economic transactions of a country. It is an important macro-economic indicator that helps a country’s Reserve Bank to gauge the economic trends in the past, and create mone
Posted on 09 Feb, 2016
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What are Dividends? –Dividend Definition and Basics
A dividend, also known as distribution, is a portion of a company’s profits that the company may decide to distribute to its shareholders. Dividends are usually a percentage of a company’s earnings, which is called the dividend payout ratio.
Posted on 03 Feb, 2016
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What is an IPO?
An Initial Public Offering (IPO), also known as a ‘float or ‘going public”, is the initial sale of a private company’s stock to the public before it lists on the stock exchange.
Posted on 24 Sep, 2015
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