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BIG Signs Sponsorship Agreement With an Australian Fashion Brand

BIG Signs Sponsorship Agreement With an Australian Fashion Brand
Jan 07, 2016 By Imran Valibhoy Tags: BIG

Big Un Limited (ASX:BIG) announced that it entered into a sponsorship agreement with an Australian fashion brand named Mojo Downunder.

The agreement includes pre-roll advertising and integration of sponsored BIG content in social media. Mojo Downunder Limited is an Australian based global fashion company that was founded in 2003.

Mr. Brandon Evertz, Executive Director of BIG commented on the company’s revenue generation strategies: “We recently announced the company’s first sponsorship agreement with First Class Capital which provides BIG with sponsorship revenue income from the retail finance sector. The Mojo Downunder agreement is BIG’s first sponsorship in the retail fashion arena. I’m extremely excited by the advertising revenue opportunities inherent in pillar two of our business model when exploring vertical markets.”

Mr. Adam Rakowski, Mojo Downunder’s Founder commented on the merits of the agreement: “Video marketing content is an essential element for every business. Our sponsorship agreement with Big Review TV aligns us cost effectively with a young, trendy and dynamic global audience who are traditionally expensive to engage with. We’re looking forward to working with BIG on the launch of new clothing designs for 2016.”

Big Un Limited has a ‘three pillars’ structure to facilitate building an interactive video community. The first pillar comprises of revenue generation through video production. The B2B video production forms the fundamental revenue stream as its revenue is generated through sale of video content to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The second pillar deals with capitalising on interactive video review platform. The revenue generated through this component is supported by First Class Capital and Mojo Downunder agreements. Video content that is owned and produced by BIG is loaded and hosted on its website. According to the company, this video content reaches critical masses and the platform is actively marketed globally to consumers and will in turn allow BIG to leverage significant marketing opportunities.

The third pillar consists of the supply of consumer generated content through a mobile video app. The app functionality supports the user generated content to be instantly share on social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

BIG was last traded at $0.22 as at 10:57 AM (AEDT) and the stock is up more than 37% in the past one year.

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Imran Valibhoy Author: Imran Valibhoy Jan 07, 2016

Since Joining the firm in 2006, Imran has worked on a range of M&A and Capital Market transactions in the natural resources, mining as well as projects in the renewable energy sector. Prior to joining Wise-owl, Imran worked at Euroz Securities in Perth, aiding in the advisory and valuation of companies in the mining and industrial sectors in Australia. Imran has a Masters in Banking & Finance from City University's Class Business School in London and a Bacheloor degree in Commerce from UWA.

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