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XTD Launches an International Travel App

XTD Launches an International Travel App
EMBARK has been voted by Apple as a “New App We Love”, as it rocketed up the Apple charts to become the fourth most popular navigation app in Australia.
May 26, 2016 By Kaivalya Kandarpa Tags: XTD

XTD Limited (ASX:XTD) announced the international launch of EMBARK, a travel app that helps people to navigate from their current location to any destination serviced by all forms of transport such trains, buses, ferries, trams and light rail.

Contact Light Pty Limited is currently launching EMBARK as part of an international release of the new platform. Contact Light was spun out of XTD in July 2015, and XTD currently holds a 52% interest in the company.

EMBARK has been voted by Apple as a “New App We Love”, as it hurtled up the Apple charts to become the fourth most popular navigation app in Australia. This app has been launched in all major Australian cities and in over 60 cities in 14 countries worldwide and will be available on Android devices in the upcoming weeks.

Contact Light’s CEO, Mr Mike Boyd commented on the launch of the new app: “EMBARK’s capabilities are such that it is fully functional in all Australian capital cities and major regional centres with public transport infrastructure. People who take the free download from the Apple app store can also use EMBARK in major cities in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Mexico and France.”

XTD Renews Partnership with APN Outdoor

The company announced on 3 May 2016 that it has renewed its partnership with APN Outdoor Group, as APN has agreed to provide XTD with advertising content for the digital screens in the Melbourne and Brisbane metro rail networks.

Both the companies initially entered into an agreement in September 2014, as APM Outdoor became the provider of advertising content for XTD’s systems in the Melbourne Metro Rail network, along with its own cross track system in the Sydney metro network.

XTD has recorded cash receipts of $726,000 during the December quarter, a 386% improvement year-on-year. As at 31 December 2015, the company has $1.97 million in cash.

XTD added 16.7% since the announcement, and was last traded at $0.245. (as at 11:10 am (AEST)).


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Kaivalya Kandarpa Author: Kaivalya Kandarpa May 26, 2016

Kaivalya is an equity analyst and a client advisor at Wise-owl. She specialises in fundamental and technical analysis for large and mid-cap companies. Having completed her bachelor's degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance, Kaivalya has a comprehensive understanding of international stock market movements. She tracks local and overseas markets and compiles analytical reports for various industries.

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Author: Simon Herrmann Mar 26, 2019


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